About Us

We use the Highest Grade Quality Raw Materials & Ingredients.
The result is a taste you can swear by.

We show our dedication to quality by having very definite rules and procedures governing quality and food safety, and we are constantly improving our baking methods. This ensures we achieve our ambitions every day, every step of the way from supplier to bakery and packaging. Thanks to our partnerships and close cooperation with our suppliers, we can be sure that the ingredients for our product meet our exacting quality requirements.

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Our Story

  • Registered as WIDE WAY ENTERPRISE / 注册裕程企业
  • Home-based manufacturing / 住家式营业
  • Handmade production / 纯手工制作
  • Serve local market only in Kuching area (Supermarket & Hypermarket 7 Groceries shop) / 市场只限于古晋(本地商家及超市)
  • Promotion Kiosk in the shopping centre during festival / 在不同的佳节期间在购物中心租摊位做促销
  • Registered as WIDE WAY FOOD ENTERPRISE SDN BHD / 注册裕程食品企业有限公司
  • Moved to small-sized factory / 搬迁至小型的工厂
  • Started for inventing new flavour rice crackers such as coffee, durian & yam / 开始研发及行销新口味的米香,如:咖啡、榴莲及芋头
  • Started producing peanut products such as peanut candy & fried peanut etc / 开始制做及行销花生类,如:花生豆条、软糖、炸花生、江鱼花生等
  • Replaced manual handmade packing by machinery auto-packing / 购入包装机器来代替人工包装
  • Improvement in packaging design / 改良成独立包装以便品质保证
  • The market expands to whole Sarawak, include tourism area & airport / 市场扩展至整个砂拉越,包括旅游区及机场
  • Started participating in charitable sponsorship activities such as charity fairs & blood donations / 开始参与慈善赞助活动如义卖会&捐血活动
  • Moved to medium-sized factory / 搬迁至中型的工厂
  • Started producing Sarawak’s Local Rice rice crackers such as black rice, brown rice & red rice / 开始研发及行销砂拉越本地土著米的米香,如:糙米、红米及黑米
  • Started handmade biscuits with white bean paste, red bean paste, canai butter and etc / 开始及行销手工制做饼类,如:豆沙饼、牛油饼、烘炊饼等
  • Cater & started for Malay markets / 开始物色马来市场
  • The market expands to Sabah region / 市场继续扩展至沙巴
  • Obtained HALAL Certificate in the year 2018 / 2018年获得清真证书
  • Obtained MESTI Certificate in the year 2019 / 2019年获得马来西亚制造商品证书
  • Cater to Oversea markets / 开始物色国外市场
  • Move to own large scale factory / 搬迁予属公司的大型工厂

We make real food by hand, fresh to order.
It’s not the fastest way – it’s the right way.


Wide Way Food Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is recognized by providing the Healthy, Creative and Freshest rice crackers, various types of kuih(cakes), seasonal cakes, peanut candy and etc with excellent services to our customer and rice crackers. It is a trendy multi cake shop which concealed with a lot of passion in “baking happiness” for all kinds of occasions.